Parents these days, right?

  Parents these days are the worst. Ask anybody. I hear it everywhere. I’ve smiled and nodded more times than I can count while some old lady corners me in an elevator to tell me how horrible the other parents are. I’ve heard it from other parents, read it in opinion columns in the newspaper, listened … [Read more…]

So Trudeau’s kids are cared for by nannies. Let’s all make a fuss.

Image credit via flickr cc license. Zut alors! News broke this morning that Canada’s new prime minister, Justin Trudeau, has two nannies paid for out of his publicly funded household budget to help care for his three young children. The headline read “Trudeau children’s nannies being paid for by taxpayers.” The implication is clearly that … [Read more…]

Sticky messes

Not wanting to look like a bad parent, I chased the girl down the street with a baby wipe. She fell just as I reached out toward her. As I pretended to comfort her with a hug, I held fast and wiped at the sticky breakfast mess on her face. It took a bit more … [Read more…]