A Half-finished Life


Have you ever had a really productive day?

The kind of day where you feel like you are making enormous headway,

And have cracked some sort of secret code

Of time management?

Yesterday was that day for me.

Today is the day when I wake up and realize that,

Despite my best efforts,

I’m still so far behind everything that crying seems like the only appropriate response.

Unpacking has merged with housework to be done,

In the midst of renovation projects still in limbo.

Blog posts have been started and sleep has been sacrificed,

But then I finally succumb to my bed leaving the post as yet unfinished, unpublished, undone.


  1. Hi Rebecca,
    Could you please send me a quick email with your contact info. I am starting a blog tour on Monday, and I am interested in having you participate. I am unable to release details till Monday, but watch for my email!
    Sherrie Guthrie

  2. Isn’t it funny how much our feelings about our lives, ourselves, our homes, the world in general can vary from day to day? like you, I have those days where I’m on top of the world…maybe there’s a dish or two in the sink and a pile of clothes on the bedroom floor but I barely notice, I’m so in the zone. The next day everything around me seems the same but for whatever reason, I feel blah, behind, and incapable of keeping up. I’m convinced there is something about either our hormones or the specific weather conditions that cause these fluctuations, because they don’t make any logical sense otherwise.

    • rebecca

      Hormones for sure play a role, although, the feminist in me always wants to deny that.

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