1. You summed up my feelings on She’s Connected very nicely (and tactfully!). I was intrigued but hesitant when I first heard about it, but the more I hear, the more I’m glad I was hesitant. But I suppose that stuff is just not my thing, and that’s okay, but the whole thing feels gross to me.

  2. I just have to groan at the whole “formula powered” onesie nonsense. Of all the wrongs happening in the world, is there really nothing better to get up in arms about than a t-shirt design? Just don’t buy the thing. I actually read one blogger compare it to a grown-up wearing a shirt that says “cigarette powered”…hardly the same thing. Equating formula to cigarettes??

    *grin* I’ve never even heard of “She’s Connected”, because obviously, I am not :P

  3. I just laughed at your HFCS wrap-up. Thank you.

    Do doctors lie? Maybe not. But maybe they don’t tell the whole truth either. Maybe they just make the claims that the FDA says they can that position their employers in the best possible light, and leave the others in a locked file somewhere.

    • rebecca

      Right, maybe just lies of omission. Whenever anyone is paid to support a particular viewpoint, you have to suspect there are pieces of the story that are missing. That goes for sponsored blog posts, too. A gift certificate may be a particularly crappy form of payment, but it is payment nonetheless.

  4. V

    Oh now I understand your rants… Seriously, do you not have better things to write about?? You need some real work

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