1. shandirt

    I second the divacup! Best and last 40$ i ever spent on ladypart heigene. It survives both rollercoasters and sleep!

  2. Rebecca is still quite young. Shall we obliterate her gentle spirit altogether by letting her know what happens to your period after you have had children and are approaching/broach 40?

  3. I see your Diva Cup and raise you a Mirena. That’s right — I’m never having a damn period again as long as I live. I’m free!

    • Wah, I miss my Mirena. I know I can’t have one in if I ever want to have un bébé but having a period for the first time in 5 years sucked large. It was the longest period I’ve ever had, as well as being crazy heavy. Boo!

  4. Jenn

    Diva Cup, it up! I loved this post, and totally feel for you. I’m on period five post-second baby and it is still a tidal wave of awful. The Diva Cup holds up… but I do use a back-up pad for the first couple days. Best of luck, and thanks for the laughs/tears.

  5. Glad I'm not a Woman

    I read your Niagara Falls horror story on Deadspin. And from the perspective of a manly man, if we had to endure anything remotely as traumatic as that, any one or all 3 of the following would occur: 1) we’d fill ourselves with hydraulic cement to prevent such a recurrence from ever happening again, 2) we’d sew ourselves shut, 3) the human race would come to an end as there’d be no earthly way we could ever endure the constant and recurring flow of blood out of our genitalia.

    All mothers should be awarded Purple Hearts, just for putting up with the mess of living and raising us boys who are so lucky as to never having to know the horror of menses. God bless you!

  6. miss m

    Thanks so much for writing this. My postpartum PMS after #2 is awful. My doctor says all my symptoms are normal, but I feel like a sentimental basket case. Reading this really helped.

    • Rebecca Cuneo Keenan

      Sometimes all we need to hear is that we’re not alone and that it’s okay to laugh at ourselves. I hope your PMS gets better. All of my monthly symptoms are much improved now.

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