Sweet Surrender

By , January 28, 2013 1:17 pm

“This no sugar diet is going really well,” I said to my brother. “I think I’m going to keep it up past January. Maybe I’ll do no sugar from Monday to Friday but allow myself a treat on the weekend.”

“If you eat sugar on weekends then you might as well just move to sugartown and marry the marshmallow man. It’s all or nothing,” he said.


I was joking, but deep inside I was hurt. As if I’m not able to have the occasional piece of pie without falling into some sugar-coated downward spiral. As if I don’t have a modicum of self control. As if.

So, to recap, I gave up all sugar (except for the naturally occurring sugar in fruit and the small amount found in things like bread) for a limited time as a New Year’s resolution. I didn’t have a single dessert, candy or treat after January 1st. I didn’t have a muffin, pancake or piece of toast with jam. I didn’t have a cup of yogurt or honey-sweetened granola, for fuck’s sake. AND IT WAS FINE.


We were celebrating my father-in-law’s birthday on Saturday night and my mother-in-law made his mother’s “famous coffee cake.” It’s just a simple coffee cake, but she hasn’t made it for well over a decade and I’ve never tried it. I supposed a small bite wouldn’t hurt; just a taste, really, of my husband’s heritage. There’s nothing more important than family, right?

So I did. I cut off the smallest corner and popped it my mouth. It was good: light, moist, not too sweet. No harm done. Nothing to see here, folks. Move along.

The next thing I knew, I was clearing the remainder of Irene’s giant slice of coffee cake into the kitchen and popping just one more small taste into my mouth. Then I was standing at the kitchen counter and that’s when things got a little fuzzy. I seemed to have gone into some sort of coffee cake inhaling trance and when I came to the plate was empty and there were crumbs down my shirt.

I pulled myself together. It was okay. I was going to start allowing a bit of sugar on weekends anyway. It was Saturday, after all, and January was practically over. I could recover from this. No big deal.

And then yesterday. Oh, the shame. It was still the weekend, you see, so I might as well start the day with some granola and vanilla yogurt.  I’m not sure exactly what happened after that but it involved granola bars and stale-ass peanut butter cookies, and ended with me buying marshmallows to go with the Rice Krispies that were on sale.

Less than 24 hours after my first taste of sugar in almost four weeks, I was whipping up Rice Krispie squares for only the second time ever in my life. I married the marshmallow man, basically.

But it was still the weekend!

Never mind. I just scarfed down a banana chocolate chip muffin. Oh god.

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“Sweet Surrender”

  1. There’s always Monday!

    My husband had high triglycerides and had to essentially give up sugar, and I was shocked at the amount of sugar in a lot of prepared goods (i.e., pasta sauce). I make most things from scratch and watch the sugar – for him. For me, I still enjoy the occasional chocolate.

    Funny thing is after years of very little sugar, when he DOES have sugar he feels like utter crap, headachy, etc. I guess it’s just what you get used to.

  2. This is why I do not make resolutions. That said, I have a fabulous pancake recipe that has no added sugar in it. Sweeten it with some apples or applesauce and you’re good to go.

  3. Man, giving up sugar is so hard! Good for you that you did it at all. 4 weeks is a long time! And now you can see that for sure it is an addiction, because you totally binged, right? Still: good for you to do it at all.

    And: that coffee cake is totally my downfall. Sooooo good!!!

  4. Jules says:

    I want that cake!!

  5. Annie says:

    Wow Rebecca! Congratulations for staying free for as long as you have ~ that is amazing!!! I go for about a week at best and then I’m scouring the cupboards …. looking for something! I quit baking from about September through to December just so there wouldn’t be anthing tempting around. I can easily pass on storebought treats. Then Christmas hit & I had to bake & havent’t really gotten off it again. Tomorrow’s another day, eh?

  6. MMM says:

    I must confess. I am a mistress of the marshmallow man.

    I would never even try to give up all but natural sugars so kudos to you for lasting an entire month!

  7. FamilyNature says:

    Oh, this made me laugh. I giggled through the whole thing!


  8. christine says:

    I’m way more of a salt girl than a sugar girl….I don’t even like chocolate (what is wrong with me??) so I feel like giving up sugar wouldn’t be that hard on me. But I know it would, not being able to have granola and yogurt just seems so wrong. But if someone asked me to give up chips? Pretzels? Crackers? And God forbid cheese – I just could’t do it. Good luck!

    • rebecca says:

      It’s crazy because I never had a sweet tooth at all before I had kids. And who would ever give up cheese?! Quelle horreur!

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