1. Cathy

    I don’t agree with this ruling at all. Why are parents with child care issues being put ahead of people taking classes/taking care of elderly parents/running a business/whatever activity they need or want to do?

    Everyone deserves a good work life balance, not just parents, and no one should be put above someone else.

    • rebecca

      This isn’t really about work-life balance. I think the aim is simply to protect someone from having to lose their job because of child care limitations if it is at all possible. (It is not always possible.) Consider a nurse who is a single mom. Should she have to change careers because she has to pick up her child from daycare for a few years? This ruling will not automatically give all parents prime shifts. It is only to be applied where it is most needed.

      • amaryllis

        Yes, she should have to change her career if she can’t deal with the requirements of the job. Her coworkers shouldn’t be punished because she has child care issues.

  2. Dentedeleon

    I have elderly parents to care for. Why will there not be concessions for those of us that are caregivers and must also work?

  3. Melinda

    I absolutely disagree. If your career was too important, you should not have chosen to have children-having a family IS just that- a CHOICE.
    Caring for elderly parents, or handicapped family is not.
    The government should start with finding a way to provide more care at shift-workers hours.
    If the government is also about to legislate special rights to families, perhaps they should also be providing the right to have a family. Outside of Quebec, it costs over $10,000 to try ONCE to have a baby, and there’s no guarantee it will work.
    Let’s just say, legal precedent or not, it’ll be a cold day in hell before someone trumps my schedule because their body can do something mine can’t.

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