1. We took our two tobogganing Saturday AND Sunday. I was exhausted before we got there from wrestling kids into snowsuits and I am hurting today from dragging them up the hill.

  2. OMG! The husbands with their “maybe we need to teach them to do XX” (usually clean up) bullshit. OH I HADN’T THOUGHT OF THAT! Why don’t you come home at 2:00 every day and be the primary caregiver since you know so much about it and have the infinite patience and energy required to teach small children to do anything rather than just getting it done yourself!?

    Sorry, I may be reading too much of my stuff into your post.

    Soon (well, eventually) your kids will be old enough that you can just kick ’em outside and they will amuse themselves in the snow. Yesterday mine (9 and 7) built some crazy snow fort in the neighbour’s front yard. (Why the neighbour’s and not ours? I don’t know.) Even going tobogganing is better: we can just stand at the top of the hill yelling advice while they do all the work. Parenting: it gets better too.

    • rebecca

      Yes, I could already see that in another year or two we could just hang at the top watching. That will be AWESOME. (Well, I might like to take a turn or two, too.)

  3. Your tweet yesterday encouraging everyone to go tobogganing led Sean and I to do some Googling on parks in the neighborhood with good sledding. Then we looked at the Canadian Tire website and realized that all the sleds were long gone. Neither of us have snowpants so we didn’t make it out. But we thought about it. It’s really too bad we didn’t get out – we were all getting a little shack-wacky by end of day yesterday.

    Glad I’m not the only one who feels guilty about not taking my kid outside enough in the winter. Just another thing to add to the list o’ guilt. ;)

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