1. There are no words. This is my worst nightmare, truly. Every time the toilet clogs, I am a sweaty stressed-out mess until I can dislodge the problem.

  2. Michelle

    I was laughing and crying for you. Sometimes its tough to put life’s traumas in perspective but at least no one had to spend any time in the hospital and you really entertained the heck out of me for the last 5 minutes.

    • rebecca

      The only thing that saw me through was thinking about what a fantastic blog post it could make!

  3. MMM

    I feel for you…mostly because I’ve been there. It was almost exactly what you’ve described except way less funny because it was happening to me.

  4. !!!

    I’ll repeat myself.


    The poo ball must have just added insult to injury. At this point, I would likely be willing to go into debt to keep the poowater in the bathroom where it belongs. At least you’re showing financial restraint.

    I may never let my kid flush the toilet unsupervised again without thinking about this story.

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