Stuff I’m Digging: Baby Liberté Yogurt

Yogurt can be such a healthy snack for every member of the family. It can be. Unfortunately, much of what you find at the supermarket is loaded with sugar or, worse, artificial sweeteners. And if you want something suitable for babies and young kids, you have to wade through all the fat-free varieties too.

So I have long been a fan of Liberté Yogurt for us all, but particularly for my skinny, skinny kids. All varieties are made from real milk or cream, sweetened with sugar and/or fruit purées, probiotic and incredibly delicious. Mary got hit hard with a gastric virus when she was about 14 months old and I could feel how much weight she dropped just by picking her up. We were already slated for an extra check up to make sure she was gaining well and I was afraid this would mean another extra appointment I’d rather not have to make time for. So I loaded up with avocados and eggs and all kinds of filling foods at the grocery store. I also picked up some Liberté Méditerranée which is 7 to 10% milk fat.  She loved it and plumped up nicely in the end.

I was even happier, however, to learn that Liberté has come out with a special baby line. It’s very lightly sweetened with a touch of sugar and/or fruit purées and contains 5 to 6% milk fat (which is probably more reasonable for every day consumption.) It comes in 4-packs of single (or double or triple depending on your baby’s age/appetite) servings which means it’s also great to grab on the go.

Mary loved it and so did my other kids. So did I! Even the VERY lightly sweetened plain yogurt was absolutely delicious.

And, really, it’s much better for my own waistline if we don’t make having the Méditerranée yogurt in the fridge a regular thing.

But try it out for yourself! WIN five coupons for FREE Liberty Baby products. Contest closes Friday, April at 11:59pm. Canada ONLY.

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  1. Misty

    When Chully first got home he was all about yogurt and avocados. Still is a couple of those things that I know for certain he’ll eat.

  2. Ingrid L

    We started with rice cereal but it constipated my daughter so badly we had to stop. She now loves yougurt and these look great, it’s so hard to find good quality non-lowfat options!

  3. Angela Mitchell

    My son hasn’t tried yogurt yet. My kids first foods were applesauce, rice cereal and bananas. I’d like to try out the Baby yogurt soon.

  4. Rene

    My newest daughter is only 6 weeks old, but my eldest had cereal for her first food. Looking forward to trying out foods on the new one!

  5. Dayna Wilson

    My son’s first food was baby cereal. He hasn’t tried yogurt quite yet, I wanted to wait until he is 9 months… which he will be in 2 weeks!

  6. francine

    my first sons first food was peas. he has had yogurt and loved it…

    my babys first food was carrots. he has not had yogurt he is still too young for cows milk or any other dairy product.

  7. Melissa Avey

    I have a few and another almost here LoL but the baby of this house has already tried everything. Not Liberte yogurt though!

  8. Andrea

    All 5 of my kids first foods were pablum. I started with barley :) my youngest is 3 and he loves yogurt

  9. natasha severson

    my daughter loves strawberry yogurt the best!!!.. my girls both started on pablum but went fast to other foods.. they wanted to try everything!!

  10. Lindsay Cyr

    My son’s first food was rice cereal. He has not had yogurt yet, but I plan on trying it soon with him.

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