1. Nice! I love the falls. Last time we were there was labour day 3 years ago, and we stayed way later than we expected to, ran out of diapers and had no extra clothes, which was fun when I left Chris and the kids to go into the casino for an hour before we left at 10pm, and came back to find him holding the baby wrapped in his sweatshirt because she had soaked her clothes and we had no extras. That’s what he gets for being such a good sport. p.s. I lost $25.

    • Rebecca Cuneo Keenan

      Yep, we just check out the lobbies. The arcade isn’t too expensive. We eat dinner at a Wendy’s at the foot of Clifton Hill that overlooks the Falls. Walking past the Falls themselves is great and free, especially if you go right over to beside the Horseshoe Falls. There’s a butterfly conservatory there that people rave about, but you have to pay and we already blew our budget on Maid of the Mist.

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