1. Jeanne

    I grew up in a small town and got my license at 16. The summer prior to turning that age I took Driver’s Ed in summer school. It’s what you did at my school. At 16 I was a decent driver and was responsible. Other kids my age? They were pretty horrible and not so responsible. But, in my hometown, you need to drive most places. So, while it wasn’t an absolute necessity, it was nice. I know it was especially nice for my folks so they didn’t have to be tied to their vehicles.

    Now, my kids? That’s a different story. They don’t *need* to get their license in their teens. But, I would still like them to have it just in case. It would be nice for them to drive on road trips and if they need to borrow a car for moving or something along those lines I’d like them to have the skill.

    I often think about how different their childhoods will be compared to my own due to growing up in a big city vs. a small town. Their experiences will be very different…and that’s ok.

  2. I started commenting and it blew up so I’m writing my own blog post to keep my comment short.

    I got my license as a teenager, but didn’t get my full G till I was on my own. I almost let it lapse, but my mother insisted. I grew up rural so driving is necessary to get anywhere. I’m glad I have my license now.

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