Highlight on TIFF digiPlaySpace ’16

It’s becoming a spring tradition, and one my family looks forward to every year. The TIFF digiPlaySpace is an interactive, digital exhibit just for kids. Imagine a huge room with the most fun, educational, state-of-the art video games. Except one massive wall is made up entirely of a vibrant screen and children are jumping up … [Read more…]

The stuff of nightmares

“Be careful!” I called out. “Please don’t do that. You could get hurt.” It was like I’d done so many times before, watching this kid clumsily climb up trees or perched on the highest possible playground surface. Except this time was different. We weren’t at a park or playground and what he was doing didn’t … [Read more…]

Parents these days, right?

  Parents these days are the worst. Ask anybody. I hear it everywhere. I’ve smiled and nodded more times than I can count while some old lady corners me in an elevator to tell me how horrible the other parents are. I’ve heard it from other parents, read it in opinion columns in the newspaper, listened … [Read more…]