1. Michelle

    Thank you so much Rebecca, for your detailed research and articulate presentation of both sides of the argument. I hope that the “camp no’s” will read this and move into my “camp yes”.

  2. Gina

    It’s a no brainer for us. I’m pregnant and we have a toddler. I don’t usually get the flu shot but the risks are too high. We’re booked for shots on Tuesday.

    • rebecca

      Can you book for shots at your doctors? Irene has her 1 year checkup next week and that would be WAY easier for us. I’ll call them.

  3. jennifer

    Vanetia Warner was a healthy ten year old girl living in Cornwall, Ontario with no underlying medical problems whatsoever. She was admitted into hospital last weekend with the swine flu and then died.
    **** this fact is incorrect, i read in the globe over the weekend– the little girl unfortunately had some major medical complications before she got H1N1
    i found your information very informative until i read this fact thanks for post! it did clarify a few issues

    • rebecca

      Thanks Jennifer. I’ll update that information. As of writing the writing of this post on Thursday night, all reports indicated that she’d been perfectly healthy.

      Actually, I cannot find the article you are referring to. Do you have a link? I read: ” …the death of 10-year-old Vanetia Warner of Cornwall, Ont., who was sick for several days before her condition rapidly deteriorated.” But that just means she was sick from H1N1 for several days. Do you have something else?

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