1. Mandy

    Rebecca, I am absolutely in tears right now. It is because of families like yours that have allowed us to have many a Christmas. For the last few years our family has been adopted by others or by organizations and have been given wonderful and thoughtful gifts for the girls as well as the hubby and I. This year the company that adopted us had even included a gift bag for the baby. I have been so stressed out over it all (i can’t believe I’m still bawling as i type this) and you wouldn’t believe how much I appreciate it all. Especially with the two eldest daughters birthdays this weekend. Many people do not understand that some families in all outward appearances, do not look like they need assistance but behind those doors they are debating if they can do without paying a bill for the month. Thanks.

    • rebecca

      Now I’m in tears, Mandy. Thank you for reminding us of how much it means to those families who get sponsored. Two birthdays and Christmas in the same week! Wowza.

  2. Nana Anna

    Rebecca ~ thank you so much for sharing that post. It really brings it all back home to you. Wowza is right!

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