1. Viv Sluys

    I like the guest mode and camera. My phone camera is kind of suckish compared to what phones have now. My phone is over 4 years old (which is old in phone years I suppose!) but it still functions for calling and texting and taking quick pictures, even if they aren’t great quality

  2. Angela Mitchell

    I’ve heard how great the camera is on this phone and that is what interests me the most. My current phone doesn’t take pictures it’s so old!

  3. Bev

    I am really excited about the built-in health tracker in the LG G3! That would help me stay on track for a healthier lifestyle!

  4. jenny

    I like that the selfies turned out so pretty…with my current phone I have to make sure the lighting is correct or it ends up looking like a driver’s license picture

  5. sarah w

    I love the camera! I would love to be able to take sharper, clearer photos with my phone and badly need an upgrade!

  6. Jenny

    Wow it has a selfie mode? It just goes to show how high tech and updated this phone is! I am most excited for it’s amazing camera!

  7. Elizabeth Ray

    It;’s hard to pick just ONE feature. I currently use a burner with no voice mail option. This pre-dates flip-phones. I can make and receive calls & texts. That’s it. I use a seperate gps when running. I use a BodyBugg.. I use a seperate camera (no flash.) I use a seperate tablet.If I go on a trip, I have to take all my deviecs and, let’s see, 6 different cords. So ANY features this has, I need! (And I cannot stress enough the need for voice mail.)

  8. Cahley Tod-Tims

    I think the guest mode is a great idea, because I come from a big family and this would allow them to use my phone without snooping!

  9. Jordann

    Best feature for me is the guest mode! That’s an awesome idea. But the physical appearance/look of the phone itself is a very close second.

  10. Jill Myrick

    I love that this phone can give me reminders, make suggestions (such as traffic) and can be used as a health tracker. Owing this phone would allow me to eliminate to other devices from my day.


  11. Valerie Taylor Mabrey

    The big screen size would be a huge biggie for me and my bad eyes.
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  12. Crystal F

    I really like the built in health tracker. My husband’s phone has one and he uses it all of the time. Thank you!!

  13. kim heintz

    Oh wow, the health tracker! I have a G2 that is basically falling apart and I wish it had a health tracker (I’ve been looking at buying a fitbit, but having the G3 would make that unnecessary!). I also like that it has a removable battery because the G2 is such a pain in the butt to remove the battery. Thank you for this giveaway! (I’m sorry, I think I commented in the wrong place before)

  14. Michelle S

    The phone is smarter, but I like the time/date on the back of the phone so you don’t always have to turn it over and can be a lazy bum LOL

  15. Lisa L

    The built-in health tracker excites me the most because I definitely need some help with that (and I’ve never seen it with another phone!) ;)

  16. Tanya White

    I like the guest mode best, my kids are always on my phone changing setting and deleting things this sounds like the best phone for me.

  17. Renee

    The health tracker is a bonus, I was going to buy a fitbit.

    Of course a functioning phone at this point would be fantastic, mine no longer let’s people call me…I can call out and send and receive texts, but no incoming calls!

  18. Sarah G.

    An upgraded camera and guest capability for my little monster who loves to play games are both great!

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