1. Carolyn Deep

    Leaving milk and cookies for Santa! It is so exciting to see a note from him saying thanks the next morning with a few crumbs on the plate.

  2. Not being Christian and all, I hate to miss out on the fun so we bake and make gingerbread houses every year. I only have one son, who is now 14, but we cram eight kids around my dining room table every December to overload our gingerbread houses with candy and see how much icing we can get on the carpet. (Did I say that). Every year we compare the pictures and see how much the kids have grown and how their decorating talents have improved (or not). I have been making gingerbread houses since I was 15, I hope to bake them til my last birthday.

  3. Emma

    No joke, my mother requests a Sears gift card every year, so you could say that is part of the tradition. Along with Santa presents in stockings.

  4. We used to have our stockings hung on our doorknobs, and because my brother was the kind of kid who’d be up at the crack of dawn to check his stocking, we absolutely were NOT allowed to wake them up, we were to do it quietly in our own rooms – probably the reason there was always a magazine to keep us busy for a bit. The grownups didn’t get stockings until I was old enough to realise the truth about Santa, and then I started doing them for my parents.
    We would all have a big breakfast in our jammies and open presents together before getting ready to go to my grandparents’ house.

    At our house, we all have stockings. They do wake us up to look at what they got, and I’m trying to get out of cooking the big breakfast, for the same reason I don’t want to make my own birthday cake. But we do still go to my grandparents’ – well, my aunt’s now, but the same idea.

  5. Prairiegirl6

    My favorite holiday tradition from my childhood that my kids now enjoy is gathering with our extended family on Christmas Eve to celebrate. The kids play with their cousins and second cousins and the adults visit and have a drink or two just like it was when I was a kid. We share a traditional Ukrainian meal (12 meatless dishes) and just enjoy each other’s company and get caught up.

  6. The Sears Wish Book arrived here in August and my kids immediately sat down and circled all the things they wanted for Christmas… in their shorts! That reminds me, I should probably go check out those selections! My sis and I used to do the same thing!

  7. Glogirl

    In my childhood my siblings and I would hang our stockings on the door knobs to our bedrooms. If we were still awake, we could hear “Santa” filling our stocking! I’ve carried this tradition to today and stockings are still hung on bedroom door knobs.

  8. angela m

    Opening one present on Christmas eve night. I got to do it as a child and now my children do it.

  9. angie

    Growing up we always got together with my aunts and uncles and cousins for Christmas. It was something I always looked forward to. We still get together now that I am an adult and I love it still. Now that I have kids and they have cousins I want to make sure that over the years that they spend the holidays with their aunts and uncles and cousins.

  10. My sister and I always received new books on Christmas Eve, which made the agony of waiting for sleep to come a little less terrible. And now my mom gives books to my kids to open on Christmas Eve. The best!

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