1. Kat

    I would give this to my almost 5 year old who is so desperate to read that all day we talk about what letters are in words and how to spell!

  2. Margaret Vieira

    This would be great for Lauryn! She is starting speech therapy soon and is so upset that she can’t read as well as her older siblings.

    • Rebecca Cuneo Keenan

      Oh, it would be perfect for her! Did you read my second post about the history behind the Ooka Island program? Dr. MacPhee’s son was deaf and she got her start helping kids with hearing problems learn to read. I think the focus on identifying sounds would be great for her speech and reading skills. In case you don’t win, the first level is free so you can try it out and see if she likes it.

  3. Carolyn Deep

    I would be interested for my daughters! It sounds amazing, I’d love to pass on my lifelong love of reading!

  4. Yolanda

    Thanks Rebecca! I’d never even heard of this but I think it will really help Emmett (6), who also needs some fun in the learning. Annika (almost 4) would also like it I’m sure!

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