244 female artists who are not Taylor Swift (and one who is)

Female artists

Whenever we’re in the car and flipping through radio stations, my seven-year-old daughter will diligently scream out from the third row, “NO! NO! CHANGE IT!” She insists we keep scanning until we find a “girl song.” And that’s fine because she’s a seven-year-old girl and why shouldn’t she listen to female artists if that’s what … [Read more…]

Brunch after baby

Brunch after baby at Bareburger

“You know what I miss the most? Brunch.” “Me too.” This was an actual conversation I once had with my sister-in-law, and truer words have never been spoken. That’s not to say  you can’t go out for brunch after you have kids. I mean, on the face of it, brunch is the perfect family-friendly meal. … [Read more…]