Lesson 545: Don’t engage in discussions about poo

“Come on now. Lie back down. You need to get enough rest for school tomorrow.” “I hate school days! They’re made of poo.” “But maybe it’s beautiful sunshine-y poo.” “Wouldn’t that make it burning poo?” came the question from the top bunk. “Burning poo! Burning poo! Burning poo! Burning poo!” “I’m sorry,” she said from … [Read more…]

You can’t win them all

I didn’t go to the tournament today. I didn’t go today, but I did go to most of the last one. I did go to half of the one before that and the one before that. And I will be there tomorrow. But today her brother had a game here in the neighbourhood and since … [Read more…]

244 female artists who are not Taylor Swift (and one who is)

Female artists

Whenever we’re in the car and flipping through radio stations, my seven-year-old daughter will diligently scream out from the third row, “NO! NO! CHANGE IT!” She insists we keep scanning until we find a “girl song.” And that’s fine because she’s a seven-year-old girl and why shouldn’t she listen to female artists if that’s what … [Read more…]

The truth about bored kids

Image credit. There is a widely shared article on Quartz.com on how we’re over scheduling our kids (shocker, I know) and depriving them of the precious boredom they need to learn how to entertain themselves. It closes with this quote by the philosopher Bertrand Russel: “A child develops best when, like a young plant, he is … [Read more…]

Confidence is worth fighting for

I truly don’t believe in forcing kids to do things they don’t want to do. “Get your boots on, sweetie, it’s time for your hockey game.” “But I don’t want to go. I HATE HOCKEY. NO, NO, NO!” “Get your boots on and get in the car and I don’t want to hear another word … [Read more…]