Is five the magic number?

five magic number

So I have this one kid who just doesn’t care about what anybody else says, she’s going to do her own thing. She loves all animals, real and make believe. She loves tiny little toys with smiling faces, especially if they are her favouite foods. Ice cream cones with faces make her beam with joy. … [Read more…]

Lesson 545: Don’t engage in discussions about poo

“Come on now. Lie back down. You need to get enough rest for school tomorrow.” “I hate school days! They’re made of poo.” “But maybe it’s beautiful sunshine-y poo.” “Wouldn’t that make it burning poo?” came the question from the top bunk. “Burning poo! Burning poo! Burning poo! Burning poo!” “I’m sorry,” she said from … [Read more…]